Getting started

Here we go, I’m off on this adventure of keeping up with publishing my life online… clearly evidence that we are all products of our generation, and since technology has permeated mine, here I am. Since it’s taking me a bit longer to get started than I initially anticipated, my first real post is coming soon.

Meanwhile, an intro quickie (to be eventually added to my about me… probably). My name is Katerina, but my friends call me Kat and so should you! I was born in South America and moved to the states when I was 7 years old. I have lived in Florida for the past 11 ish years but currently attend a college in Massachusetts. So I’m currently 20 years old and graduating with a bachelors in May. Time really is quite the trickerster, I swear it was just yesterday that I embarked on my journey of higher education and was a terrified 17 year old meeting my college roommate for the 1st time. Yet here I am, only 4 weeks away from saying goodbye to my college friends and starting to figure out the rest of my life. But for now, I shall continue blissfully as the self-dubbed President of Denial as I finish busting my ass to finish the last classes I will ever take as an undergraduate. I really am too young for this.

Graduation Cap Cupcake

Graduation Cap Cupcake (Photo credit: clevercupcakes)


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