An intro to my friends

Since I’m going to be posting a lot about friends, or referring to them at least, I wanted to have a down and dirty quickie intro to each of them. I’m going to list them in the order of when we met and a blurb about each. When I was talking to one of my high school friends about this post, she suggested that I refer to my friends by silly, yet very fitting nicknames. It’s really difficult to come up silly nicknames not associated with their names so only my high school friends will get those.

Ally: We met on the third day of 6th grade. I got on the bus and this shy girl asked me if I wanted to sit next to her. I accepted and thus started the most awkward bus ride of my life.  Since then, Ally and I have remained really close despite attending different high schools and colleges. She’s seen me at my worst and my best and vice versa; she’s the one that knows most of the “secrets” of my family since we’ve been friends for close to a decade. I would not trade my friendship with her for anything in the world, she is my best friend and my sister (cheesy, I know, but very true).

Katie: From now on known as the “Ukrainian”, quotation marks intended. She is the first friend that I had in high school. We’ve drifted a part a few times but always end up closer than before. She’s been a solid rock for my to lean on throughout the years we have known each other. The “Ukrainian” is one of the most self-less people I have ever known and is always there for her friends. The quotations around her nickname are intentional because her half of her family (whom I absolutely love) is from the Ukraine, but she was born in the states, has never been there and only speaks three words of Ukrainian – literally.

Elle: The mastermind behind the idea to have nicknames. She really wanted to be called Phantom Magician but I think Plaid Glasses is more fitting. On the other hand, out of good faith, I’ll call her Phantom. So Phantom Plaid Glasses (too much?) and I met in high school. We were never super close back then, but have grown closer over time. She is the “Ukrainian”‘s girlfriend and they go to colleges in Florida about half an hour from each other.

Chrissy: The Dancer of my high school friends is also the fashionable one that tends to over compartmentalize her life. We barely hear from her when she is at college but when it’s break, she gushes about how we are family. We love her dearly in spite of that and put up with her antics all the time for the sake of friendship.

Ima: Oh my dear Ima. She’s my college roommate. We lived together for two years and now are next door neighbors. I don’t know what college would have been like without Mini Ima – she’s my best friend here and always pushes me to be more open, something I have been working on for years. She came to out college from Morocco and I cannot wait to vist her family there some day. For future reference  she is now dating The Best Friend after the longest time of being with The Wrong One and I am thrilled, even if it means I see her less over the weekends while she visits him in NYC, where is is studying abroad.

Ash: My second closest friend at college. Well, she was… things have been a bit strained and I’m not sure what’ll happen. She always provides a ton of amusement as she tells her stories of being interested in losers and being drunk over the weekend. On the other hand, her home life is really serious and I think that she is still struggling to learn how to deal with that.

Joy: has rather bipolar personality… and I say that with the most amount of love possible. I don’t mean that she’s happy then crying then pissed in one hour but she’s changed a lot since we we’ve been at college. She considers herself a southern belle but is often very far from it, adding fuel to the fire of our teasing of her. She does always make us smile, at the very least.

Izzy: Easily one of the most intriguing friends that I have, no offense to others. She’s just really different from anyone and isn’t afraid to tell anyone her (often controversial) opinions. She has a really silly, party side (always present in Ash’s drunk stories), but also has a really serious side. Despite how much she says that she “doesn’t give a shit” about anything, she is a really good friend and we all know that we can rely on her when times get tough. She’s also the UFO and supernatural obsessed friend. I actually started watching “Roswell” and “The X-Files” because she insisted that I’d love them… and I do!

So there you have it, a semi-quick run down of my closest friends. There are of course others given the situation, but I’ll explain who they are if I refer to them.

Although I’m about 4 months early, in the spirit of my post…..

English: happy friendship day

English: happy friendship day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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