Love in light of tragedy

On April 15th, the Boston marathon was interrupted by two blasts that are currently being investigated. Last time I heard, 3 people had died and over 100 were injured from the debris. I was unaware of the events that had transpired until Ally called me frantically to ask if I was okay. I don’t attend school in Boston, my university is actually about 1hr 45m away. She said that she knew it was irrational to think that I wouldn’t be in class on a Monday afternoon, but that she had to be sure that I was okay. I was so touched by her kindess, that came at such an opportune moment. The same thing happened with the “Ukrainian”, who called me on her way to work after her friends at school had told her about the news, as well as Phantom and a few other friends from back home.

This moment is one of mourning and anger for many people, and I understand. But at the same time, we have to realize how loved we all are. The entire nation is standing by Boston, the victims, and their families, showing support in what ever way possible. A student who attend my university actually ran the marathon, passing the finish line just a few minutes prior to the blasts. She led a one mile jog around campus to show support and tenacity. Another org on campus held a candle light vigil on the green. I know that none of these actions can realistically help the victims find the perpetrators or closure, but know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

As paradoxical as it is, it’s always in moments of tragedy that we are reminded of the goodness in people, of the kindness and of the love. It’s those aspects of the events to which we should hold on.



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