Playing catch up

Yikes, how have I slacked off so much on my oh so clever blog writing?! I cannot believe that it has actually been a month since I wrote my last post. Shame shame. So here’s the quick and dirty version of what I have been up to for the past month:

1) Finals

2) Having a wonderful break from school with Ima while doing airport rides and working some more to earn as much money as humanly possible but still playing within the rules and regulations of the law

3) Enjoying a few days of no work and simply chilling with Ally when she came to visit me at school

4) Running around like a mad woman when my mom and Phantom and the “Ukrainian” arrived a few days later

5) Graduation

6) Saying goodbye to everyone except my mom

7) Driving up to Niagara falls and visiting Toronto for a day too

8) Driving down to the Big Apple – NYC!

9) Enjoying what the city has to offer with my mom

10) Starting the program that I will be doing for the next two months.

So there you have it. I’m currently sitting in my dorm room, with a new roommate by my side as she finishes up some readings for our first class tomorrow. It’ll be a crazy summer, I’m going to be taking two classes onpolitical science while interning at a place that provides legal assistance to immigrants. Why did I choose to do a program in which I’d be taking classes after I’ve already graduated? Great question! Because I’m absolutely insane and wanted to buy myself some more time before having to face the real world. Since I didn’t have time to apply for graduate school (given that I graduate early) and am not 100% sure what I want to study, I needed to find a way to not have to run face first into the working world. I know I’m simply postponing the inevitable, but what are you going to do.

So far everyone that I’m doing the program with has been super nice. It turns out that two other girls from my college are also doing the program. Oddly enough, I’ve taken one class with each of them, but they hadn’t ever even seen each other around campus. It’s rather amusing because I remember when the director of the program came to tell us about it, he mentioned that they hadn’t had that many students from my school (eh, alma mater) recently. Now we have one of the highest amount of people here! The first highest are from the school that hosts the program and given that there are only 16 of us total, 3 is incredibly high. Everyone else is from different colleges and universities around the world.

We’ll see what this summer brings!

Here is the beautiful Niagara. I’ll try to upload more pics later =)

Niagara Falls


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