An odd confusion

At the very beginning of this year, I confirmed that one of my closest friend’s brothers is gay. It only came as a slight surprise since I’d suspected given some uncharacteristic facebook actions. The news came with a rather convoluted and amusing story about his boyfriend and I was telling Ima about this one night. I’d mentioned the little brother occasionally in conversation so she found herself surprised when I told her that he had a boyfriend. She proceeded to convey this surprise by blurting out

“So you mean his boyfriend is gay too?!” – Ima

Yes, Ima. Imagine that. The gay guy’s boyfriend is gay too. Woooh, so shocking!

All this to just say that I miss my friends from school. It’s been a while since I really spoke to any of them. I’ve skyped Joy a few times but last time the connection was really bad so we had to reschedule and then school work got in he way for her. I partially feel they have forgotten about me. It’s intriguing to see how people act, or don’t act, when their friends aren’t right by their side any more. I wasn’t expecting absolutely everyone to keep in touch every single week or anything. But a little more contact that isn’t initiated by me would be nice. Maybe I need to stop putting expectations on people. Maybe I need to go out more and meet other people to distract me. Maybe we weren’t as good friends as I thought we were.



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