Breaking news

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you some breaking news. Break in both the sense that it’s super exciting and breaking from the constant complaining. Here we go!

Saturdays are are one of brother’s days off and we usually take the chance to do at least a little something as family. My mom had another one of her tax classes in the morning (she’s a tax professional at big company during tax season) so we didn’t get to go out until about 4pm. While we were on our way to a restaurant to eat lunch/dinner, she told us that one of my uncles had called her to tell her that he and his two sons were coming to visit us for about 10 days at the end of the month. I was so excited I could barely contain myself! We haven’t seen them for at least 5 or 6 years since they don’t live in Bogota and we didn’t have the chance to meet up last time we visited Colombia (almost 4 years ago now). They haven’t bought their tickets yet, but it’s a pretty sure thing that they are going to come stay with us for a bit. 

In addition, one of my cousins (from a different uncle) has really been thinking about coming to study in the US. The process for getting a student visa when you are just a high school student is really difficult since really only private school give them and private schools are hella expensive. She just finished 8th grade (the school years in Colombia run February to November) and she is considering coming to stay with us for part of her vacation to see if she could realistically see herself living and studying here. If everything works out, she would fly over with my uncle and cousins and we’d have a mini family reunion in just a few weeks! 

Family is such an important part of my life, especially right now when I’m in such a grey area of my life. I’m so comforted to know that they are there even when my friends have better things to do. I guess that’s why they are family ^_^. I’ve always found it curious to see when a friend crosses the friend area and becomes family. I know that some people think that it’s just a time factor, but that could be the furthest thing from the truth for others. I’ve had friends that I’ve known for years and years and don’t consider them family. Actually, I think I only really consider Ally part of my family. She’s never faltered in being there for me (and I have always tried to be there for her) in spite of life circumstances that have often put us quite far away from one another. She’s one of those friends that you know in the bottom of your heart you will never stop being friends with because you can reconcile after a fight, you both admit your faults, you balance each other out, and you rightly love them like they’re a sibling you chose to have. While the “Ukrainian” is another friend that I almost consider a sister, she isn’t anywhere as close my blood family as Ally is, making it difficult to realistically say that I consider her part of family family.

Keep in mind, though that family isn’t necessarily blood. Family is the people who are the rock you have when everything else is unsteady and the ones you can turn to no matter what. I have friends that I consider “family” because I could not survive (easily) without them and I would do anything for them. My only problem is when you have friends you consider family but they don’t reciprocate. That hurts. But I digress.

I am anxious to see if my family does wind up coming to visit and I will post as soon as I know if and when they are for sure coming! 


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