A little “spring” cleaning

With my family possibly coming to stay with us and a big move just around the corner, my mom has been insisting that she really wants to start cleaning everything up, packing what we need, getting rid of or donating what we don’t. It’s really difficult to let go of things that you’ve had for so long, especially during a time of such a large transition. We’ve actually been putting it off for a long time, much to my mom’s dismay. Finally, tonight my mom decided to con us into going through the movies that we’ve accumulated over many years. We’re getting rid of a crap ton, but the cool thing is that while we were going through a box of Disney movies, my mom found a bunch of tapes that she had of music that she brought from Colombia. Since the car I’m borrowing from a friend has a cassette player (yes, it’s kind of that old) I’m going to listen to them to see if it sparks anything from my childhood. It’ll be an interesting game to play when I’m bored sitting in traffic.

After going through those, we’ve gone from room to room going through a bunch of junk and sorting into piles of 1) giving away 2) keeping 3) throwing away/recycling. We’re currently going through my brother’s junk. This bit of down time has got me thinking about the different things I should consider cleaning out of my life while I’m at it. Time for change, while extremely difficult, is really the perfect time to tidy up all aspects of our lives. I’ve started taking better care of myself, eating better, working out with Ally, trying to foster better friendships with the people that are willing. I guess one of the next steps is to go through my phone, my facebook, and my mental files and decide. It sounds so harsh, but there are friendships that are unfortunately toxic that I must mentally distance myself from. I don’t plan on cutting anyone out of my life completely by any means, but making a mental and keeping my relationships, and thus myself, healthier. It’s never a bad time to take a moment to evaluate who is in your life. I’m all up for having people that you can help (and obviously those that help you), but there has to be a line drawn. Once someone starts taking advantage and abusing you, whether it be mentally, physically, spiritually, psychologically, anything-else-ally, it’s important to reevaluate whether those people should be in your life. Never let anyone use you. No one is worth that.


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