Better than now

I have this thing where I want my friends to be happy. I really want them to be happy. It frustrates me so much that my friends, who I know deserve much more, settle for something less than they should. It annoys me that the know they aren’t completely happy and yet keep on making excuses for why they can’t (won’t) change something in order to be happier. Excuses like “things will get better”, and  “it’s just too hard”, and “it’s not that simple”, and “I make really good tips here”. I don’t get it. If it is within your power to change whatever is making you unhappy, why not do it? I understand that it’s easier said than done. That to change a job, you need to save and take time when are you tired or would rather enjoy your days off to work on the job hunt. That bigger changes require plans and time and a lot of energy. But wouldn’t it be worth it? Wouldn’t it be worth it to be happy? I would so much rather be more miserable for a few weeks while I kill myself making the change happen than being moderately depressed the rest of my life because I never did what I really wanted to do and should have done.

I guess the real problems stems from fear of the unknown. They say devil you have is better than the one you don’t know. But is it really? You don’t actually know that. Fear of the future is all in our heads. It’s fear of something that may or may not pass. Fear for something that could or could not change us. Fear of  something that could or could not make us happier. I think it’s worth the risk. Especially if you are unhappy with more than 2 of the following: 1) where you are, 2) the job you have, and 3) the people you are surrounded by (Credit to an Upworthy video I saw way too long ago to actually find). Our lives really aren’t that long when you factor in how long it takes us to get through school, how long we spend asleep, in the bathroom, getting ready, cooking and eating meals, etc. Shouldn’t your job or your free time be well spent with people and places you are happy to be with and at?

I know it’s not that easy to admit you need to change something and to follow through with that change. And I know that I annoy friends when I’m insistent on the fact that they should do and be more. But I hope they know I just say it because I want them to be really happy with what they are doing and who they are. It’s something that I also have to work on, but while I work on figuring out what it is I want, I’ll continue to push other people to be better, more, happier. It’s perfectly fine to work at a restaurant or at a grocery store your entire life, if that’s what you want to do and what you are content doing. But wasting potential is one of the biggest slaps in the face you can give the universe. Don’t let time pass by without being as happy as you can. It’s work to do so, but it’s worthwhile work.


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