A little “spring” cleaning discovery

With the possibility of the impending arrival of my family members, my mom has made it abundantly clear that she expects everything to be sparkling and organized when they (and even if they do not) arrive. What’s most amusing, and there are few things to choose from, is the old memories that get dug up in the process. I had to sort through my stuffed animal collection (yes, I know I should be embarrassed) to see which ones we would give away and which I refused to part with. While I was doing that, I found this doll that I have had since I was born. This poor doll is 21 years old and, while she is not in bad condition, she hasn’t been taken good care of. My mom started telling me the story of how I ended up with her and how surprised she was that I still had her. I took the opportunity to point out how important having tangible objects is because they are very real connections to events that we have long forgotten. It’s truly amazing and poetic to me.


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