Self sabotage

So here is “my” (if slightly stolen) theory of self-sabotage. Everyone does it in one way or another. You get in your way and prevent your own success so you won’t have to know whether or not you are good enough or will actually accomplish something you want. I keep finding myself getting in my own way with regards to my grad school application process. I keep putting things off until the last possible minute and may have really done it now. I forgot/kept putting off requesting transcripts for my schools. I’m not entirely sure if I requested them in time since winter break cuts everything off. We’ll have to see what happens. But I’ve already done rough drafts of essays for two schools. I still have a lot of work to do before my deadline in 10 days. The good things is that after Monday, my boss will be on break and I’m just going to into the office and sit and work on apps so I’m around if they need me. I’m excited to get this done, I’m a little nervous that my professors won’t get things turned in on time. Three of the five have finished or started my recommendations, but the last two haven’t even acknowledged the receipt of my email. Ahhhhh. So much stress! But I know it’ll all pay off. It has to.


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