If these days were analyzed by an English class…

Where I live it has been raining pretty much nonstop since about 1:45am into the new year. Everyone has been complaining about it, saying they are tired of the cold, the rain, the overcast sky. I have a slightly different take on it: I love it. If these days were analyzed by a high school English class, they would say that the rain is washing away the old, bringing the new, bringing change and rebirth. I actually pretty much adore the fact that the new year was started by this cleansing rain that will (metaphorically) allow us to have the fresh starts some of us desperately want. Embrace the rain, it’ll help the flowers bloom and trees grow tall. It’s the cleanse we want to forget (or simply distance ourselves from) 2013 and in a few days celebrate the wonder of 2014 when the overcast skies part and show the clear blue sky and brightly shinning sun!


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