Eleven years

Circa August 20, 2003. Two young girls, then strangers, board school bus 2015.  One sits, lonely in this new stage of life. The other looks around and makes eye contact. She approaches the girl that is sitting and asks if she can sit with her. The girl says yes. A beautiful friendship is born.

– 11 years later –

Yes, today, circa. Ally and I made up the August 20th date since we weren’t sure on which day we actually met. Today we celebrate 11 crazy, fun, adventurous, heartbreaking, awe-inspiring years of being best friends. And today, we live together. Being friends with Ally has been quite the roller coaster, especially in the past few years. Yet we somehow ended here… living together in Virginia. Yup, Virginia. But I’ll get to that later.

Here’s to 11 and more years of an even better, stronger friendship.


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